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AuthorTopic: New AmiKit X and Plugins released (Real3D, ArtiGames, ExtraThemes)  (Read 3048 times)

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New AmiKit X and Plugins released (Real3D, ArtiGames, ExtraThemes)
« on: September 27, 2017, 09:43:53 AM »

New bits and bytes coming your way through Live Update superhighway!

AmiKit X, the well-known advanced emulation package of AmigaOS3.x, got a new maintenance update today. We've fixed some bugs to keep your Modern Retro Experience sparkling. Simply boot your AmiKit X and the Live Update will take care of the rest.

We've also released 3 interesting plugins:

  • ArtiGames - a package of 35 SDL games ported by Artur Jarosik (become his patron if you can!)
  • Extra Themes - a beautiful collection of 13 themes for AmiKit X
  • Real3D - famous ray-tracing application for Amiga including Phenomena plugin

Get them at www.amikit.amiga.sk and like us on Facebook :)