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TrekBench Revision
TrekBench Revision
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Description: After getting my 1200 upgraded, I felt it was time (again) to re-do my workbench. Still a work in progress, but this is what I have so far. The UFP logo should probably be moved somewhere, as it obscures the saucer of the Enterprise a bit, and the bottom yellow LCARS doesn't look right. Otherwise, I like this variety as well. I changed the icons a bit from the previous, and I'm thinking of extending the to LCARS bar to host them, as well as extending a narrower version for whatever floppy icons pop up. The LimpidClock color/font scheme could be redone a bit to offer more contrast against the bright nebula/starfield, too. I have the original .jpg of the Enterprise, the UFP logo, and the (32 color) LCARS elements on separate files, and combine them in Ad-PRO + Sview5 for the transparency. It works ALOT better under 24-bit than the previous HAM8 reduced to 128 colors w/ floyd-steinber dithering. Anyway, I have a bit of playing around to do before I submit it to desktopcontest.com. The tower picture was too big to be submitted here in full-resolution, but Webshots was only too happy to host it. I hear theres problems downloading the highest res, though. I might look for another pic hosting site. (Suggestions?) Anyway, heres the Webshots link. (If you use Ibrowse, you'll want to disable javascript before clicking that, otherwise it will take awhile to load. Another reason I want a different album site) I'll post a lower-res version of the tower here, too.
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Posted by: kvasir at March 25, 2009, 06:30:56 PM

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