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1152x900x24b trekbench #1
1152x900x24b trekbench #1
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Description: Just got my Mediator+other goodies this last week, (see here) and got the mobo transplanted and the mediator installed along with the other goodies. (Subway USB, the 4 pci card I already had, (SVGA, Generic Soundblaster, 100mbps NIC, and a pci ide card for which there are no Amiga drivers that I'm aware of) this pic (and the next 3) are proof that I got the 24 bit card running. I've also managed to get the sound card working. (It helps if the speakers aren't plugged into the microphone.... I think my wife must have slipped me some decaf coffee earlier today) The response time for Ibrowse to even load up is much reduced, and it actually reacts quicker than Firefox on my wife's XP machine in some cases! (None that involve javascript, of cours) I'm still using the old workbench wallpaper I was before, however I had the foresight to convert the ham8 (Originally done in Deluxe Paint IV, with its translucency effect) to a 24 bit ilbm. A simple resize in sview5 and the computer doesn't re-adjust every time I boot. Unfortunatly, I didn't do any anti-aliasing on the image, so there's some "blocks" that I'll want to get rid of. But it is soooo much nicer to look at than the 128 color floyd-steinberg mess I had before. It was only tolerable because the scandoubler I'm (still) using for AGA output takes the analog signal, converts to digital (16 bit at that), and back to analog, resulting in alot of color bleed that tends to mask the imperfections. And there's a slight green shift, but the guy who made the scandoubler has done a great job of reducing that. (I still use it for a dual monitor setup, and for playing games)
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Posted by: kvasir at March 13, 2009, 03:47:38 AM

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March 21, 2009, 08:01:04 PM
March 15, 2009, 10:31:12 PM
Figured I'd post an update about whats in my Mediator.
Pci Device 1:
   VendorID: $10b8
   VendorName: Standard Microsystems Corporation
   DeviceID: $5
   DeviceName: LAN83C170QF/171 EPIC/XF 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet Ctrlr
   ClassCode: $20000
   RevisionID: $6
   InterruptPin: 1
   SubsystemVendorID: $10b8
   SubsystemID: $a011
   IOSpace0: $ed6000 - $ed60ff
   MemSpace1: $80000000 - $80000fff
   RomSpace: $80010000 - $8001ffff

Pci Device 2:
   VendorID: $5333
   VendorName: S3 Graphics Co., Ltd
   DeviceID: $8a01
   DeviceName: 86C375/86C385 ViRGE /DX & /GX
   ClassCode: $30000
   RevisionID: $1
   InterruptPin: 2
   SubsystemVendorID: $10b4
   SubsystemID: $1717
   MemSpace0: $84000000 - $87ffffff
   RomSpace: $80020000 - $8002ffff

Pci Device 3:
   VendorID: $1274
   VendorName: Ensoniq
   DeviceID: $5000
   DeviceName: ES1373 AudioPCI
   ClassCode: $40100
   RevisionID: $0
   InterruptPin: 3
   SubsystemVendorID: $4942
   SubsystemID: $4c4c
   IOSpace0: $ed6400 - $ec643f

Pci Device 4:
   VendorID: $105a
   VendorName: Promise Technology
   DeviceID: $4d33
   DeviceName: PDC20246 FastTrak Ultra ATA RAID controller
   ClassCode: $10400
   RevisionID: $1
   InterruptPin: 4
   SubsystemVendorID: $0
   SubsystemID: $0
   IOSpace0: $ed6800 - $ed6807
   IOSpace1: $ed6c00 - $ed6c03
   IOSpace2: $ed7000 - $ed7007
   IOSpace3: $ed7400 - $ed7403
   IOSpace4: $ed7800 - $ed781f
   RomSpace: $80030000 - $8003ffff

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