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AuthorTopic: For Sale: DB23 HOOD and DB23F connectors for Amiga on sale now!!  (Read 964 times)

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Offline Nitz76

This is it guys! They are back in stock!
You can now buy DB23 hoods and DB23F connectors manufactured in 2021.
We have more than 5000 units in stock!!!

Retronic Design and Soigeneris joined together to bring back theses to life.

You can order them on on our Website. Here is the price chart:

QuantityPrice (Hood only)Price (DB23F only)Combo Price (Hood+DB23F)
12,60$ USD6,25$ USD8,85$ 8,35$ USD (Value price!)
2 – 92,47$ USD5,75$ USD8,22$ 7,72$ USD (Value price!)
10 – 492,34$ USD5,24$ USD7,59$ 7,08$ USD (Value price!)
50+2,21$ USD4,75 $ USD6,96$ 6,46$ USD (Value price!)

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