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Air Mail (Amiga Game)
« on: August 01, 2021, 12:37:34 PM »

Today I want to talk about Air mail, this game is an authentic exotic adventure. You are driving a pilot who has crashed in a remote area of ​​central Africa. Your mission is to escape from the wild environment and be able to return home. But everything around you wants to kill you. indigenous, traps, piranhas, lions, gorillas and especially the jungle that will make you get lost and end up in the stomach of some wild animal.

The game takes place over several phases, you have to collect a series of packages and letters that have been scattered on the ground before crashing. If you can rescue the mail, you will be a true hero when you return home.
The game has 3 different endings depending on your patience at a certain moment you can go home earlier and advance the adventure without collecting all the mail.

But only a true hero will be able to enter the depths of the territory to get all the mail and thus see the end of the game more difficult to achieve.

This game was designed a few years ago, but was abandoned by the original team. After a few years, it seemed to me that it deserved an opportunity to see the light, so I looked for the original designs and I began to develop the game with everything that I thought it should have ...

The result is a fun game of adventure, search and survival, good music by Ricardo Vieira.

This game has a physical edition available, it includes a card half eaten by a wild animal, haha
If you want to try this game you can ask me for the .ADF at jojocreativo@gmail.com (ADF disk image at no cost)