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AuthorTopic: Amedia Computer - New Products ;)  (Read 1702 times)

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Offline Faranheit

Amedia Computer - New Products ;)
« on: September 28, 2015, 09:03:59 AM »
Hi Everyone,

Even if we have been very busy in the last month, we have not forgotten our Amiga friends and we have  added some new products on our webshop ;)

We have added the following goodies :
- Some Lyra 3 BigBox adapters for connecting any PS/2 keyboards on your Amiga 4000D,
- Some Replacement Mouse Ports for your Amiga 1200 motherboards revision 1D4,
- Some Scart / Audio cable for Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128,
- Some Squared connectors for replacing your Amiga classic original power supply squared connectors or for using an ATX power supply with it (for good solderers) !
- Some 'Powered by AmigaOS' T-Shirts (don't forget mentionning your size (european) on your order's comment please),
- The new Sum for Amiga 600 adapters ; the Amiga 1200 version is still available HERE,
- Some XSurf 100 ethernet boards for Zorro2 / Zorro3 slots.

For informations, we have also received our stock on our Plexiglass Supports for HxC Slim readers with all its accessories and we have also received our stock of ACA1221 accelerator boards for Amiga 1200 :)

We also remind you that we'll be present at the big Amiga 30 meeting in Neuss in Germany on the 10th of october with a big stand !
Don't hesitate coming to this show since there is still some tickets available :)
You can also send us a mail at laurent@amedia-computer.com for booking some products before this whos ;)

Thanks for all your support !
Franck and Laurent
Amedia Computer - Your REAL Amiga Reseller
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Laurent aka Faranheit
Metz - France
Mail : contact@amedia-computer.com
Site : http://www.amedia-computer.com