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AuthorTopic: Competition Pro USB Sports Tournament Edition Joystick, German version, incl. Califor  (Read 1584 times)

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Competition Pro USB Joystick

Sports Tournament Edition

Featuring California Games, Summer Games and Winter Games

They are back! Now PC users can also compete in exciting competitions in the home computer classics California Games, Summer Games und Winter Games where the sports-game fun of yesteryear meets the high-res HD graphics of today. At the same time the Competition Pro joystick gives you that real retro feeling with its original 80s design, the famous click of its micro switches, and its modern-day USB connector - reviving the golden era of home computing.

    [*]Digital USB joystick for the PC
    [*]original Competition Pro design
    [*]micro switches for that original sound and maximum robustness
    [*]extremely rugged stick with metal spring
    [*]4 fire buttons plus switchable rapid-fire function
    [*]three full games on CD: California Games, Winter Games and Summer Games (Windows, German versions)
    [*]no driver needed
    [*]1.8m cable

    EUR 24.99 incl. 19% German VAT (EUR 21.00 excl. VAT for non-EU customers)


    Offline Oldsmobile_Mike

    Is this PC rewrites of the original games?  Or the original games run through emulation?
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