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Author Topic: Restored/Rebuilt Amiga 2000 w/lots of upgrades and enhancements.  (Read 800 times)


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Commodore A2000 Restored/Upgraded huge w/68030, 68882, MMU, SCSI SD Boot, MORE!.    (Amiga 2000 Rev 6 Restored/Upgraded RARE w/68030/68882/MMU, SCSI2SD WB3.2, MORE!! | eBay)PLEASE watch the attached video so you can see a full live showing of this machine, what I did, upgrade and more (the video explains the temporary tin foil shield)! 

Part #1:  https://youtu.be/YDjUBgDSKl8

Part #2: (camera battery died)  https://youtu.be/rkY-GYdCOmI

Unit has been restored and repaired completely and is fully functional. Fully tested and repaired so that external ports all function properly. Upgraded the system to a 1 MEG ECS Agnus chip. Upgraded the Kickstart to 3.2. Replaced/repaired the battery backup clock to a 2032 coin cell battery.   (NOTE: Sale is AS IS so please read carefully and watch the included video showing the unit fully and in operation)

NOTE: The current system is still set to PAL and has a 220volt P/S HOWEVER you can easily change this to NTSC either using the 3.2 OS option or a simple hardware fix to make it permanent. I decided to leave that option to whomever buys the unit.

Likewise with the power supply, I am in the USA so I had to use a step up transformer to allow the 220 power supply to work on our 120 volt power. They are inexpensive, around $40 to get. So your option is to do what I did or to even replaced the power supply with a standard USA version and save the current 220 volt as a backup. Again I chose to leave that figuring it would let whomever buys it make their own decision.

** Note the linked Video below as I show the entire system piece by piece AND fully operational so you can see exactly what you get.

I have upgraded the machine to include the following, all fully tested and using the latest drivers:

  • GVP 68030/68882/MMU and INCLUDES the daughterboard with an additional 4 MEG ram! 
  • I have also attached a mini flow cooling fan to the unit to help with the temps these cards produce!
  • Motherboard REV 6
  • A2052 - 2 Meg Ram card
  • GVP Series Impact II card connected to a SD2SCSI card that uses a 4 GB SD card to boot the system lightning fast.
  • Included on the SD card is 3.2 installed fully. ALL drivers for the GVP cards (68030 and Impact II), a some utilities including Workbench Management System v3.0 (MY own personal designed and released best seller from back in the day) as well as DOPUS and ADF file utilities.
  • Kickstart and Workbench 3.2 Installed (Original CD ROM included)
  • 1 MEG - ECS AGNUS upgrade
  • New replaced battery backed up clock w/2032 flat cell battery
  • Fully working A2000 original keyboard and original tank style A2000 mouse, cleaned and tested!
  • All current drivers included on SD card boot drive
  • Additional useful utilities and programs also installed on SD card boot drive
  • Replaced DF0: Original floppy drive with same. Tested for read and write
  • Added Gotek USB drive as DF1:.  Tested fully
  • Available empty 5 1/4" drive bay for expansion

NOTE: Case has a couple small glue spots on the front.  I cleaned things but did not want to attempt to remove the glue as I was afraid it would damage the case doing so.  You can see them in the front shot.  The rest of the case is in good shape.

I have also created a short video at the included link where I show you all the updates, all the included hardware and the specifics of the system you are getting. You can see it fully running and active as I walk through everything completely.

Part #1:  https://youtu.be/YDjUBgDSKl8

Part #2: (camera battery died)  https://youtu.be/rkY-GYdCOmI

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Amiga 2000 Rev 6 Restored/Upgraded RARE w/68030/68882/MMU, SCSI2SD WB3.2, MORE!! | eBay
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Re: Restored/Rebuilt Amiga 2000 w/lots of upgrades and enhancements.
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I have a very rare A2000 Blizzard/060 SCSI HD 128MB RAM 2MB Mega Agnus running OS3.9BB4.  I have the Indivision scan doubler.  I am waiting to free up my Picasso II.