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AuthorTopic: aros on ram disk  (Read 983 times)

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Offline TomJ

aros on ram disk
« on: May 26, 2010, 04:02:07 PM »
I remember when I had no hard drive and used floppies and i worked with pagestream a bit.

I created a workbench disk that loaded everything into the ram disk, then would rename the ram disk and everything would work from there. Has anybody done this with Aros

Just the basic os and what is needed for apps to run  not all the extra demos and games. The computer i want to do this with has one slower drive and takes about two hours to load into ram.

Why? when i switch cd/dvd it doesn't recognize the new one like the amiga floppy drives.

I am an Aros beginner so I need to know everything I have to include on a disk to do this correctly.

Please help!

working with:
toshiba laptop a215-4757 ram4G
compaq presario ram 512mb
hp pavilion ram 256mb