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AuthorTopic: FS Amiga 1200 ROMS  (Read 666 times)

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Offline swift240

Amiga 1200, 82gb HD, 4 way IDE\'97, DVD Multi-Recorder, OS3.9, BB1,BB2, Apollo Turbo MkII 030/40, 32meg Fastram, 4Gb CF card PCMCIA slot, IDE CF card adaptor 4Gb CF card, HP 810C, Alba HDTV, Converted PC PSU. C128, C64, C16, Plus4, 1701, 1570, 1541MkII, ARP6.0,KCS Power Cart, FreezeFrame MK3B, Freeze Machine, Simons Basic,  PSP, PS1, PS2, PS3 HDMI and 1TB HD+ 80gb USB HD, PS3 TV add on, Sound Surround speakers for PS2,PS3,PC, and Amiga Amazing sound on the Amiga.