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AuthorTopic: Trade: Amiga A500 for Commodore 64 AND Nintendo 64 (or other things)  (Read 748 times)

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Offline CLXIV


Does anyone have a working vanilla A500, power supply, Action Replay Mk2 or Mk3 and decent memory expansion (1.5MB+) that they'd swap for both of these:



I'd really love to get my hands on this setup (never owned an Amiga but my friend had this setup when I was little) and it would be great if the trade could support charity at the same time (both items are from charity sellers).

Alternatively, have a browse and let me know what you'd like me to order (items totaling up to £250) that I can then send you in exchange for the Amiga stuff:


(by the way I don't need a monitor, joystick, mouse, modulator, external floppy drive, original packaging etc... though a SCART cable would be appreciated if you have one and any spare floppies)