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AuthorTopic: The Amiga Mini Dedicated Amiga Emulation machine  (Read 885 times)

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The Amiga Mini Dedicated Amiga Emulation machine
« on: August 09, 2014, 02:49:59 AM »
A while  back I wanted to design an Amiga that was cheap and affordable, A  dedicated machine.  Came up with a prototype recently based on an HP  t5735 Thin client that has enough power to run the emulation smoothly.    Finally got all the bugs worked out and I thought id sell some that I  built up.   I call it the Amiga Mini
Specs are as follows
HP T5735 Thin Client
1GB RAM, 1GB ATA Flash Disk, Holds Windows Embedded
16GB flash disk,  Holds UAE and all other relevant files
8GB USB Flash Drive that mounts in workbench for easy file transfer.
Over 1000 WHDLoad Games come preinstalled on the 16GB flash drive, Along with 500 Demos.
AmigaForever is also included.
Comes  with ClassicWB 3.1 UAE installed and the system boots into Amiga  Workbench 3.1,  The cool part is it has Picasso emulation,  so you get  32bit color at 1280x1024,  Looks great.  Boots right into Workbench 3.1  as soon as the system powers up.   You can also configure UAE by just  hitting the F12 button.
Here is a youtube of the completed version
The  internet is fully functional as well.  So you can browse the web with  AWeb,  Chat on AmIRC with it.  Transfer files via FTP or share files via  SMB.
Im asking $125 shipped anywhere in the USA. $165 Shipped  internationally   Good for peeps who want to see if they like the Amiga  Platform,  and its cheaper then finding a tricked out expanded amiga.  I  have 5 available,  If there is demand for more I will build more of  them.