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AuthorTopic: DO OR DIE,X86 or ARM?  (Read 646 times)

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Offline hydragon

« on: March 19, 2014, 09:10:18 PM »
Hello Amiga friends,
 We desparately need new hardware wich also has to be cheap,the current Hyperion,AMIGA inc roadmaps are dead end Streets.PowerPc hardware is far to expensive to reach a broader public.
 There are two options,to go x86 or ARM.
 Look at the rasperry PI,there are much more powerfull developer boards with amazing specifications,8 core ARM with 64 core powerVR graphics really cheap.
 We must force AMIGA inc to bring out Amiga OS for one of these boards then the hardware is already finished only port Amiga OS to ARM or INTEL x86.
 We have to organize a poll on all Amiga forums wheter x86 or ARM.
 It has to become a joint effort from all known active developers.
 Reuniting all the Amiga friends that are left over.
 Just like they did with the ATARI FIREBEE.
 We have no time to waste,we must to take over the power from Amiga inc and secure our future.
 Every Amiga company and developer has to contribute.
 We all have to contribute what we can and reorganize.
 Please advise how we can achieve this goal,we will not DIE.