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AuthorTopic: New project for the benefit of all classic computing!  (Read 15649 times)

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Offline Iggy

Re: New project for the benefit of all classic computing!
« Reply #180 on: May 02, 2016, 04:17:31 PM »
Quote from: Kronos;714561
And I wish my pants were made of gold !!

Yeah highly unpraticle, but since it's never gonna happen anyways, why not go all the way ?

It's quite clear that the thread-starter doesn't fully comprehend what he is talking about.

Just have a look at some of the projects running at a1k.org (I think some similar projects run on EAB). Yep those guys are doing accel-cards, RAM-expansions and even full Amiga-replacements boards and none of them is etching their cards in te basement, the all use proffesional tooling companies (and at the prices i see quoted from time to time anything else wouldn't make sense even for the simplest of PCBs).

Well o.k. Herzi will do his prototyps "electron-cloud"-style, but thats surely not an option for stuff you plan to offer on sale.

Mind you the projects the thread-starter mentioned would be doable basement-style (just not in a practical/reasonable way) it's more that some of the early responders carried this thread into lala-land.

That had to be the funniest thing I have read in days.
I want an Amiga made of gold.
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Re: New project for the benefit of all classic computing!
« Reply #181 on: May 02, 2016, 08:00:33 PM »
I think if this is a serious venture that an FPGA accelerator for the A3000(T) and A4000(T) with 1GB of RAM onboard would be an amazing first start. PPC would be nice too, but I would take something with the power of the Vampire II for my A4000T.
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