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AuthorTopic: 90 nano G4  (Read 1489 times)

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Offline peroxidechicken

90 nano G4
« on: September 29, 2004, 05:31:23 AM »
Not expected to be seen in the wild until the first half of next year.  

"Motorola's erstwhile chip division, Freescale, is expected to launch its latest G4-class processor, the MPC7448, today at its Smart Networks Developer Forum, being held this week in Frankfurt.

The new chip is Freescale's first 90nm G4 and is based on the company's e600 core, the foundation for Freescale's upcoming line of dual-core chips. The 7448, however, contains just one core, clocked to beyond 1.5GHz. It contains 32KB of L1 cache and 1MB of L2, double the 512KB of L2 found in the MPC7447A currently driving Apple's PowerBook G4 and iBook G4 notebooks."

Read the Register article for more info.  

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Re: 90 nano G4
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2004, 01:22:26 PM »
Come to papa baby...
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Re: 90 nano G4
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2004, 02:09:43 PM »
There are several chips being announced the most interesting of which is the dual core MPC8641D

2 X e600 cores @ > 1.5GHz each.
1MB cache per core
2 X 64b DDR2 memory controllers, 667MHz with ECC
2 X PCI Express
4 X 1Gbit Ethernet "MACs" with hardware acceleration
Power consumption: 15 - 25Watts.
Technology: 90nm silicon-on-insulator (SOI)

Press release on MPC8641D:

Technical details:

It's not due anytime soon but should be quite a beast when it's out.  The 7448 is a pin compatible G4 upgrade, the 8641 will need a completely new board.

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Re: 90 nano G4
« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2004, 10:52:56 PM »
Hope it fits my A1 (when I get one).

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