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AuthorTopic: NEW, Fast and Cheap Amiga using Amithon!  (Read 3516 times)

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Re: NEW, Fast and Cheap Amiga using Amithon!
« Reply #15 on: March 23, 2002, 09:15:26 AM »

For what its worth, this C3 is gonna run like the dog.  Search the net for reviews on it.  Even the lowly Celeron wastes it by about 50%.

If you want a really cool sytem, check this out:

If you want the low power (why) you can keep the new Via/Ezra(?) cpu.  It will probably perform at about 70% of comparable Celeron Mhz to Mhz.  Although its FPU is going to be a bit lower.

Or be smart and pop the VIA cpu, and get yourself a nice Celeron from pricewatch.com

Do NOT believe some of the outright almost-lies about the Via's being P-Anything like.....