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Author Topic: What great late 90s games never made it to Amiga originally, but are now?  (Read 2216 times)


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In a similar vein to my, what 16bit era games should be retroactively ported to Amiga now thread http://forum.amiga.org/index.php?topic=75063.0 I'd like to ask, what games have in fact been ported to Amiga in the intervening years, unofficially as well as officially, that are late 90s classics that we would have likely had for Amiga in an alternative universe where there was an A1400 heavily up-specced A1200 release, or if AAA came out, or if CD32 had simply been a big success? SimCity2000 is basically where Amiga gaming stopped for me but there were other games of this era especially the not-3D ones we could have supported technically, if not financially.

I know we have ScummVM for lots of games like Day of the Tentacle, Curse of Monkey Island, and even Blade Runner which I can play on my Sam460, which is awesome. I'm thinking mostly of games that made it to PowerMac in the pre-Mac OS X universe, which on the whole should have therefore been runnable on Amiga.

Have we ever got Starcraft (the original)? Command Conquer? Xcom 2 or 3? Xwing? Myst? I know we have Doom and Quake and derivatives like Descent and Heretic.
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Games of the top of my head that would of likely come out or needed to be on the Amiga Walker / A2400 type system are:

Games that have since been ported and would of ran on Amiga Walker spec system plus very likly got a release.
Doom, Quake, Myst, Command & Conquer, Transport Tycoon, Decent, Duke Nukem, TFX, Space Quest 5 + loads of other adventure games that ScummVM can now play.

Games that are left to be ported that would of likely ran on a Walker system and might of made release:
Theme Hospital, Civilization 2, Worms 2, x2, Wing Commander 2.

Games that would be nice but unlikely to of ran on the next Amiga
Tome Raider, Wipeout, Magic Carpet, Half Life.

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Great thanks. It sounds like there are different categories of games for which different categories exist as to why, technically, they weren't done at the time (aside from death of commodore, piracy and death of the Amiga games market I mean).

These being (and in many cases they overlap of course)

  • Games needing CDROM - e.g. Lucasarts games like DOTT, Sam and Max, Curse of Monkey Island, Myst
  • Games needing 256 color graphics and better than TV resolutions (640x480 up to 1280x760) - e.g. those above plus the Ultima games, later Syndicate sequels etc
  • Games needing CPU horsepower - e.g. Command and Conquer, later Xcom games, Fallout
  • Games needing 3D graphics - e.g. Xwing, Doom, Quake etc. although we did get most of these in the end!
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