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Author Topic: New batch of BlackBOX 1200 towers  (Read 2733 times)


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New batch of BlackBOX 1200 towers
« on: December 20, 2017, 03:17:46 PM »
The new small batch of BlackBOX 1200 tower cases is in the production. First towers from this batch will be ready to ship on 21 December 2017.

Ordering BlackBOX for your Amiga 1200 now you will have it before the end the year. The quantity is limited.

BlackBOX 1200 tower systems can be ordered at
Elbox Online Store for customers from the European Union,
Elbox Online Store for customers from other countries.

About BlackBOX 1200:

BlackBOX 1200 is a modern, functional and spacious tower case. BlackBOX 1200 offers comfortable use of the PCI cards installed in the computer. The powerful 350W ATX PSU is prepared for massive expandability of your computer hardware.

BlackBOX 1200 is prepared for installation of the Mediator PCI 1200TX, Mediator PCI 1200SX, Mediator PCI 1200LT4, Mediator PCI 1200, Mediator PCI 1200LT2 and G-REX 1200 busboards.

All BlackBOX 1200 towers are equipped with black ATX power supply suitable for the most expanded Amiga 1200 systems. This new PSU is compatible with ATX 1.3 standard (with over twice bigger load of +5V rail than +3.3V one). It has four Molex plugs for EIDE devices and one plug for the floppy disk drive. Additional two FDD type plugs (for additional FDD or PATA-to-CF adapters) are enclosed in the BlackBOX accessories box.

Each BlackBOX 1200 is equipped with PC-KEY 1200 keyboard adapter supporting A2000, A3000, A4000 and PC PS/2 keyboards. PS/2 - DIN adapter is enclosed.

Tower LEDs system is configured to be controlled by the A1200 LED output.

Front panel black floppy drive fascia is compatible with all drives factory installed in the A1200 computers.

BlackBOX 1200 is equipped with fans system (with two selectable fan speeds), which takes care of cooling the A1200 turbo card and hard drives.