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Author Topic: New Interview forum coming soon  (Read 4035 times)


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New Interview forum coming soon
« on: February 14, 2013, 08:40:05 PM »
Since May I've been up to my neck with my business, new baby (MY FIRST!) and other projects all the while knowing I've been lacking in the mod department here at A.ORG.

The way things are looking, that isn't going to change either. BUT! I still like to help and came up with something that will not only be more at my speed, but help boost the site and give it's users access to the prominent people/groups who have shaped the Amiga and are still actively working on it.

The way it will work is that I would contact prominent members of the community, past and present, as a rep. of A.ORG and ask for an E-mail interview.

Once we get the okay from the person or people of interest, I will start a thread asking for questions from the community. These questions will be combined and scrubbed down to about 20 questions and sent out. Upon receiving the interview, I'd format it and post it.

It will be laid out with three sub forums; one for questions, one for the interviews and one for post interview discussions.

The questions forum will be strictly moderated at one question per user, no discussions of any sort and myself bearing the sole responsibility for choosing and editing the questions. I will hold total rights to change, smooth-out, combine and/or ignore questions. IE, I moderate the interview.

The second forum for interviews will be locked. It is strictly for interviews and nothing else. This will keep them from getting buried by all the responses, side chatter and what not.

The third forum will be for all the responses, side chatter and what not.  People will have free reign, within the TOS, to talk about the interview as they see fit.

With the rules laid out clearly from the beginning, this would both give me something I can do/contribute and give the users a place to voice their questions and get responses.

There is no set date on when this will open up, but for now I am seeking suggestions on who you would like to have interviewed.
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