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Author Topic: Not really MorphOS only related, but .....  (Read 4948 times)


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Not really MorphOS only related, but .....
« on: November 09, 2009, 12:59:51 AM »
I just found a good site for free online college level classes and thought I would share it with everyone here (in hopes that more people like me, with a little free time, will take the time to learn to program, or improve the programming skills they already have, so they can write code for MorphOS (and AmigaOS3.x & 4.x & AROS) since I have become motivated recently to do more to promote MorphOS and writing programs for it will definitely help).

As my programming skills are very weak at the moment, I figure classes for any platform will be helpful and I will switch to MorphOS/AmigaOS specific classes and tutorials after I refresh my basic programming knowledge.

My first projects for MorphOS will be to write Installer scripts to help newbies to MorphOS get third party software working on their systems.

I hope more people will join me in performing "actions" that will help promote and/or improve the computing experience for our small niche computer community, be it AmigaOS, or MorphOS, or both at the same time.  If we don't, the community can only continue to shrink and eventually die.  It is truly up to us.  If you haven't noticed, there is no "Gateway" coming to the rescue any time in the future.  Think about it.

Edit:  Forgot to add the link to the site for the free classes.  Here it is:

How are you helping the Amiga community? :)