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Title: Trting to get tear-less Xorg in a Mac Mini with GIT, please!
Post by: gaula92 on November 08, 2008, 03:01:33 AM
Hello folks

I'm trying to download the code of the branch called vsync_accel from the repository git://

So I do
          git clone git://

and then, inside the xf86-video-ati directory, I do
          git checkout -b vsync_accel

and if I run git brach, I see I am in the vsync_accel brach, but... HOW can I download the code of that special branch?? I tried
          git pull
and got errors; same for git merge origin/vsync_accel...

Can you lend me a hand here? I've been reading all over the GIT manuals and examples, but this is as far as I got...
In case you're interested in what I am trying to compile, this is the blog for the radeon driver developer: