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Title: To all on this Thanksgiving (from Amiga On The Lake)
Post by: apsturk on November 24, 2016, 07:48:19 PM
On this Thanksgiving day I wanted to express some of the things myself and tek438 (my business partner) Jeff Yoder are very thankful for. First thank you to all you Amigains for keep Amiga alive for so long. If it were not for you I would have never found the Amiga again and started Amiga On The Lake. Thank you Jeff for the many things that I have learned over the many years we have been friends and for starting Amiga On The Lake with me. Also thanks to you all for the nice comments that you have given to me and tek438 in starting Amiga On The Lake. The words of encouragement you have given to us, we are truly grateful.

I am very proud to tell you all that Amiga On The Lake has so far sold more AmigaOneX5000s than all other resellers in the world combined, so far (to the best of our understanding). This is do in part to the fact that AmigaKit does not have them on there site as of yet. Rest assured that things will change when they do. As a reseller in North America it is nice to be helping out the Amiga folks that are trying to grow AmigaNG systems. Myself and my business partner do not take a paycheck from Amiga On The Lake. We both work for free. This is only one way we keep the prices down to a very low level. Our goal is to GROW Amiga, not to make money. The money made goes back into Amiga On The Lake. We have added new products and there are more to come in the next two days and more again at the end of next week. We are doing very well with sales so far. I take personal pride in the fact that 40% of all X5000 systems sold are to people that have NEVER used AmigaOS4 before ever. That is American know how at work. I will keep you informed of some new things we are doing in the coming days. A big thank you to Matthew at AmigaKit he has been a great pleasure to work with and a true Amiga lover. Matthew is hard at work on all things Amiga (like all the time, day and night). I do not think that Matthew gets the great amount of credit he deserves. With out Matthew there would be no Amiga On The Lake. I want to remind you all that I always recommend AmigaKit to everyone that is looking for classic Amiga gear as we are focused on the new AmigaOne line of computers. I would also like to thank Trevor D, with out his love for Amiga and his financial support and true dedication there would be no A-EON or AmigaOne computers for Amiga On The Lake to sell. Thank you Matthew and Trevor and to all the developers out there that work hard with little reward a very BIG THANK YOU

Happy thanksgiving
Aaron Smith
Title: Re: To all on this Thanksgiving (from Amiga On The Lake)
Post by: eliyahu on November 24, 2016, 08:07:58 PM

way to go on the X5K sales, aaron, and best wishes for a very happy thanksgiving to you and jeff from all of us here on the crew!

-- eliyahu
Title: Re: To all on this Thanksgiving (from Amiga On The Lake)
Post by: klx300r on November 24, 2016, 08:09:31 PM
+1 and great to hear AmigaOnTheLake is doing fine and especially that you guys are getting new blood into AmigaNG:banana::pint:

Happy Thanksgiving to all US amigans & happy belated to all us canucks:)
Title: Re: To all on this Thanksgiving (from Amiga On The Lake)
Post by: giZmo350 on November 24, 2016, 08:15:12 PM
Happy Thanksgiving to all! :)

Glad sales are doing well Aaron! And yes, thanks to ALL that make Amiga possible today!

I know your concentrating on NG but, maybe stocking a few of the more common staples of Classic might be beneficial. :laugh1:

I see that you have PlipBoxes.... will be ordering one soon....

Now, off to work, till midnight! Me and Grumpy Cat are not amused! :lol:

Title: Re: To all on this Thanksgiving (from Amiga On The Lake)
Post by: DStastny on November 24, 2016, 08:42:41 PM
Happy Thanksgiving Aaron.