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Amiga 500 - before and after Retr0brite
Amiga 500 - before and after Retr0brite
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Description: Just finished Retr0briting my A500, didn't know what the h$@% I was doing, still think it turned out okay though.  The dark gray buttons on the left edge look a little off in this pic, but that's due to the camera flash.  On the Miggy they look great!  :)
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Posted by: Oldsmobile_Mike at January 02, 2013, 06:49:43 AM

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Comments (3)

August 10, 2013, 04:10:13 PM
Jeah, these were big and beautiful cars, even after '72 model year when they put those federal mandate "railroad track" bumpers on sleek bodys. Well, I don't have any Oldsobiles myself but admire those '50s-'70s models. I'm deeply U.S.GM guy, I drive '96 Roadmaster (LT-1 V8), my wife '97 Riviera (supercharged). I also dig older cars, so have few projects, such as '80 El Camino and '80 Trans AM.

Here I made some work on her Buick--->

April 18, 2013, 05:25:19 PM
I used to have three Oldsmobiles - a '70, '76, and '79.  But the '70, that was my baby.  455 V8, convertible, boy that thing was such a wreck, the hydraulic lines for raising and lowering the top would leak and spray hydraulic fluid out over the car if you tried to operate it, so I just kept the top down and kept her in a garage.  I'd drive that thing around in January with no top, 100mph, just the heat off that big engine to keep me warm... ah those were the days. :D

Sadly I sold the last of my classic cars a few years ago (my '72 Buick Electra made it to Germany for a full frame-off restoration, it's cruising the autobahn these days!) and now drive a Chevy pickup.  More practical for what I need to do, but I might still pick up another Oldsmobile someday!  ;)
January 09, 2013, 07:41:09 PM

Great pictures, very encouraging to try out this retro$**t...I mean retr0brite, someday! ;)  BTW, what kind of Olds you have? 4-4-2 perhaps?

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