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AuthorTopic: FA: kickstartswitch, keyboard A2000, Competition Pro, external floppy drive, Y-switch  (Read 166 times)

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I started some new ebay auctions. All beginning at 1,- all of them can be shipped worldwide:


keyboard A2000/A3000

external floppy drive (Promigos)

Competition Pro joystick (transparent version)

joystick/mouse Y-switch

Deluxe View

Spektrum der Wisenschaften 09/1981 with the rare and famous articel of Douglas R. Hofstadter

see all my auctions under (choose the option international)

starting above EUR 1,-:

A2320 Flickerfixer/Scandoubler

Guru Book by Ralph Babel

keyboard cover
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Offline AllocVec

ending tomorrow (sunday) and I added:

floppy drive Chinon FB354 incl. A500 assembly kit and cables

RAM expansion with clock for the Amiga 500

keyboard for the A500

mainboard (Rev. 6A) for the Amiga 500

KickRom 1.3

original tank mouse in near mint condition

redundant ATX PSU