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AuthorTopic: Adelaide Amiga Celebration Event September 7th, Special Guest: Jonathan Potter  (Read 1047 times)

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Offline AdelaideAmiga

Hello again folks!

Next month the Adelaide Amiga User Group is hosting an event which aims to celebrate the contribution that South Australia has made to the Amiga on both hardware and software fronts.

Our special guest for this event is Jonathan Potter, who many of you know as the programmer and creator of Directory Opus, a premier file-management program for the Amiga and Windows operating system.

Event Details
Date: Monday 7 September 2015, 7:30pm start

Clarence Park Community Centre
72-74 East Ave
Black Forest, SA

Please note this is the office building adjacent to the hall and not the hall itself.

There is car park spacing available around the back of this building and you can enter it on the left hand side.

Procedure: Attendees are encouraged to bring their Amiga rigs (or other relevant systems) along and set them up in the large conference room. This will hopefully create some topics of discussion and/or demonstration amongst everyone.

While there are ample power-points available in the room, you may wish to bring any power-boards or other connectors to make sure that your systems are appropriately connected.

Internet access is available via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection

A new initiative:

We are going to allocate a time slot or schedule which will allow for persons who wish to make a presentation in front of the audience about a particular Amiga-related topic or idea.  We will try and keep these between 15-20 minutes long each.

Please e-mail me at (gfmakis@gmail.com) if you wish to participate in presenting a topic or lead a discussion.

*We will also provide coffee/tea and other refreshments to the attendees. [FONT="]
These details are also available on our website:


We hope to see you all there!

- George (Adelaide Amiga User Group)

Offline eliyahu


sounds like a great event. i'd be curious to see if jonathan has seen what the community was able to do with dopus5 after it was open-sourced. :)

-- eliyahu
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Offline dschallock

Very cool that Jonathan Potter is coming.  I owned directory opus since approximately 1990.  I always upgraded it through the years.  One time I remember around 1994 having a technical issue with the program and I called the company and left a message (time difference).  Any way, I was super surprised late that night when he personally called me back from Australia to the US.  I was really impressed.  Glad he still has love for the Amiga community.

Offline Pyromania

How many will be attending this event?

Offline AdelaideAmiga

@Pyromania - Hi there, at this stage we can confirm probably between 25-30.  However we may have more this time given that our numbers have increased per event so far.

Offline AmmoJammo

If I get my ACA620, and it actually fits inside my A600, I might come along and bring the A600 :hammer:

Offline AdelaideAmiga

@AmmoJammo - I probably should clarify that it is not compulsory to bring any Amiga related item along.  Only if you wish to then the option is there of course.

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Great news - look forward to meeting Jonathan at the meeting! Count me in!


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Offline AdelaideAmiga

@Epsilon - Great that you can make it again!  We hope to see those next-gen Amiga systems!

Offline AdelaideAmiga

Just wish to inform everyone that this event has been posted to our Facebook page:


Offline AdelaideAmiga

Just a big friendly reminder to all that our event is being held in roughly two weeks from now! :)

Thank you to those who have already informed us of their attendance as it gives us a rough idea of catering proportions.

Hope to see some new faces there for what will be an exciting event!

Regards to all,


Offline Haranguer

I'll be there :)

Offline AdelaideAmiga

@Haranguer - Great! Nice to hear Ian! Looking forward to seeing your set-up if you decide to bring one along.  That Chameleon 64 you brought last time was a great breath of fresh air!

Offline AmmoJammo

My brother and I plan to be there. And I plan to bring along my a600, with the aca620 and internal cd rom drive ;)

It might have an internal dc-dc power supply by then too.