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Author Topic: Ray Carlsen selling excess inventory (fwd)  (Read 1313 times)


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Ray Carlsen selling excess inventory (fwd)
« on: February 25, 2023, 08:48:08 AM »
----------- Forwarded Facebook message ------------

Commodore 64/128 group
From: Michael Myers
Hello everyone!

I’ve been asked by Ray Carlsen, whom I assume you all are familiar with, to downsize his inventory. The details aren’t mine to tell, but he needed help and since I live nearby I’m helping.

I have a large selection of bread bins from original color to not at all original colors. Same for VIC-20, and C64C. I also have a large selection of power supplies. If you live near Seattle, pickups can be arranged. If you would like a PSU shipped, cost is usually $10-$12 or less depending on distance and speed in the US. If not using personal PayPal, or Venmo (preferred) that’s fine, but we’ll add a few $ since I’m not profiting from this and Ray makes very little from the PSUs. He does it for you people. I have MANY references in this group for my trustworthiness in shipping machines.

C64 Bread Bin - Pretty - $150
C64 Bread Bin - Girl next door - $100 - 125
VIC-20 - European in the Winter - $100
VIC-20 - Day at the beach - $75
C64C - Teeth brushed - $150
C64C - Forgets to brush - $125
C64(C)/VIC PSU - Metal - $55
C64(C)/VIC PSU - Plastic - $45
VIC20 2 Prong Metal - $35

ALL computers are 100% electronically, and heatsinked. Feel free to ask questions.

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