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Title: FS Amiga Systems USA Only
Post by: tomswift on June 10, 2005, 05:32:25 PM
FS Amiga Systems USA only

I have the following systems for sale:

$275 A4000D(t) 040/25mhz 16meg Fast 2meg Chip CDROM 500meg HD 3.0ROM/OS Put in Gateway Mini Tower when front cover tabs broke. Nice Hack. Has clear window on side & red strobe. The case drive module can be repositioned for desktop use. Better cooling and expansion than original desktop. Pictures available

$225 A3000D 030/25mhz 8meg Fast 2meg Chip 1gig HD 2.1ROM/OS Nice System with built in flicker fixer.

All systems include keyboard/mouse

Pictures available from me at

Add $25 for shipping/insurance USA only