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Author Topic: Spot's Porting for Dummies 2.0 LITE released!  (Read 2874 times)


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Spot's Porting for Dummies 2.0 LITE released!
« on: April 29, 2009, 05:01:27 AM »
After two long years... It's ready...

Fresh from Spot's bedroom - Spot's Porting for Dummies 2.0 LITE!
Have a go at porting, if i can do it without coding skills, YOU can do it!
Read the history for a detailed list of changes.

Download here!


 Well, the sad fact is that, neither can I! :) I am just a stubborn geezer!
 And look at me now... 600+ uploads to http://os4depot.net compiling
 multiplatform stuff for AmigaOS 4.0 isn't THAT hard, c'mon! If I can do it,
 you can do it too! You'll jump up and down screaming when you manage to
 compile your first SDL app, I did! To my defence I have to say that I had
 to figure out a lot of the process the hard way! :P

Noticed 'LITE' in the description?
Spot's Porting for Dummies has evolved. It now includes scripts and aliases
for rapid porting. That means it needs an installer, as some scripts needs
to be modified. So if you are good at writing Amiga Installer scripts,  and want
to help out, please, please contact me.


 Version 2.0

   Further fixes.

 Version 1.9.13

   Clean up's. Preparing for release.

 Version 1.9.12

   Added a common error.

 Version 1.9.11

   Added a common error.

 Version 1.9.10

   Added a common error.

 Version 1.9.9

   Added some common errors.
   Various small changes.

 Version 1.9.8

   Added a common error.

 Version 1.9.7

   Added a new chapter: Cross Compile Configures
   Added a new chapter: LValue Problems
   Added a new chapter: Linking problems
   Added more common errors.

 Version 1.9.6

   Blacky / Stardust proof read the guide and added some additional
   comments. Mega thanx!

 Version 1.9.5

   Added a common error on how to fix stuttering audio.
   Added some better define examples.
   Added some more info to the crash on exit fixing part.
   Added a new chapter 'Adding a library check'

 Version 1.9.4

   Turned it into an AmigaGuide document.
   Removed the chapter about amiupdate, as it's available on the
   AmiUpdate page anyway. Less is more!

 Version 1.9.3

   General clean up. Getting ready for release!

 Version 1.9.2

   Reorganised the guide a little.
   Added icons by Mason.
   Added shell scripts to make porting faster, and easier.
   Added an installer script.
   Added AmiUpdate supprt.
   Added two new errors.
   Removed the Quick Reference, as there are shell scripts for these now.
   Removed clib2 from the guide, as it was bloating it, once you know how
   to handle newlib, clib2 will be easy to use if you need it.

 Version 1.9.2

   Added a common error.

 Version 1.9.1

   Added a common error.

 Version 1.9.0

   Nuked Clib2 from the quick reference guide as it's not updated as frequently
         as newlib and it lacks support for shared objects.  
   Added MiniGL and dynamic linklib info to the quick reference section.
         Removed the --enable-shared, -shared, -use-dynld and -fpic flags,
         if your SDK is too old to handle shared objects.
   Added a sollution that works for some ports that crashes on exit. Thanx
   Added a new tip on how to strip dynamically linked exe's, thanx xeron.

 Version 1.8.9

   Added a common error

 Version 1.8.8
   Added some common errors

 Version 1.8.8
   Added a not so common error

 Version 1.8.7
   Added a not so common error

 Version 1.8.6

   Added a new chapter, How to add music to your SDL app.
   Thanx to Slut Nancy / bAH for submitting this chapter.

 Version 1.8.5

   Added three new common errors.
   Cleaned up the essential tools chapter.

 Version 1.8.4

   Added GREP, YACC and AWK to the essential tools section.

 Version 1.8.3

   Added three common errors

 Version 1.8.3
   Added a not so common error

 Version 1.8.2

   Added a common configure error/solution.

 Version 1.8.1

   Added a section on how to make small executeables to 'Tips & Trix'
   Added a section on how to set a minimum stack cookie to your executeables to
'Tips & Trix'
   Thanx to Joerg for these tips. Much appreciated.

 Version 1.8.0

   Minor tweaks to the clib2 configure lines.

 Version 1.7.9

   Removed __USE_INLINE__ from the configure lines, as they ain't used very
   much when porting, and could cause problems when configuring sometimes.
   Minor tweaks.

 Version 1.7.8

   Added a new common error.

 Version 1.7.7

   Added a new common error.

 Version 1.7.6

   Added a new not so common error, thanx to Zerohero for the help with the

 Version 1.7.5

   Added a new (advanced) chapter written by Rigo, on how to deal with
   Thanx for letting me use it Rigo!

 Version 1.7.4

   Minor tweaks to the configure lines.

 Version 1.7.3

   Added a new error and a solution submitted by Blacky_Stardust. Thanx a lot

 Version 1.7.2

   Added a tip on how to add AmigaOS version strings to your exes to the tips
and tricks chapter.

 Version 1.7.1

   Added configure lines finetuned for SDL projects to the quick reference
   Thid should help newbies get rid of linking errors and save me from wasting
time on makefile editing.
   Dunno why I didn't do this before.
   Cleaned up the Quick Reference guide, I hope it is much clearer now.

 Version 1.7.0

   Added -ltiff to the CFLAGS, as my latest compile of SDL_Image needs and
supports it.

 Version 1.6.9

   Added a new common error to chapter 07.

 Version 1.6.8

   Added some URL's to the 'What to Port' chapter.

 Version 1.6.7

   Added a really weird 'not so common error' that costed me some hair! Grrr!

 Version 1.6.6

   Added a new subchapter 'Newlib or Clib2?'
   Added some clarifications to the quick references. Thanx to Lio for the
   Added some new stuff to 'Tips and Tricks'
   Added a 'not so common error'

 Version 1.6.5

   Added a new 'not so common error'

 Version 1.6.4

   Added a new chapter 'Compiling SDL/GL apps'
   Added a new tip to the 'Common errors that can occur when configuring'

 Version 1.6.3

   Added a new chapter: 'Converting a Windows makefile into an AmigaOS makefile'

 Version 1.6.2

   Extended the common error section with a small guide on how to find
   out what header is missing.

 Version 1.6.1

   Misc small changes and additional info 'backported' from the AROS 'port'
   of this guide.

 Version 1.6.0

   Added a guide on how to make GUI's using Emperor.
   Added lots of small things that I can't remember.

 Version 1.5.3

   Added a tip on Fullscreen modes in SDL apps/games. Thanks Lio.
   Added some quick references related to Allegro compiling. Woooot? Already? ;)

 Version 1.5.2

   Corrected some small things related to SDL_Mixer

 Version 1.5.1

   Added SVN to tips and tricks

 Version 1.5

   Fixed a typo. I had writen -lpng -lpng, when it should be -lpng -ljpeg.
   Thanx to Raziel for the report.

   Added a new chapter: History
   Added a new chapter: Getting your SDK up to date
   Added a new chapter: The basics
   Added a new chapter: Configuring linklibs
   Added a new chapter: Quick Reference
   Added more common errors
   Defines section updated
   Common errors section updated
   Corrections to the configure lines. Thanx HNL!
   Corrections to the example makefile. Thanx Booger!
   A lot of small changes that I can't remember.
   Corrected the cygnix config line.

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Re: Spot's Porting for Dummies 2.0 LITE released!
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2009, 08:12:44 PM »
Can this be used to code for OS3.9, 'cos otherwise, it's useless to me. ;P
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Re: Spot's Porting for Dummies 2.0 LITE released!
« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2009, 09:45:16 PM »
Have a go at porting, if i can do it without coding skills, YOU can do it!

That's not entirely true. If you don't know what you're doing, you can't fix any compiler, 'sh configure' and make script errors.
Even tough, porting is the easiest part. Debugging the hardest.  ;-)

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