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AuthorTopic: Discover and watch streams on Mixer.com and Twitch.tv on your Amiga  (Read 1276 times)

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Offline walkero

Hello all,
Since we all know that Twitch.tv and Mixer.com bloated websites do not work at all on our browsers, I took the chance to create a website that provides information about streams from these sites.

My target was to have a pure HTML website, without JS and tracking scripts, that works well on IBrowse and AWeb, as well as to other websites. With the usage of aiostreams scripts, it will be a fast and great way to discover streams, watch your beloved streamers and the content they create.

No personal data are send to these websites or collected. No login features are implemented, and probably never will. So, there is no way right now to participate on discussions on Twitch or Mixer.

You can start watching streams by visiting https://aiostreams.amiga-projects.net
Ideas and proposals are more than welcome. Hope you find it useful.

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