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Title: PC ATA-133 IDE DVD-RW with A4000
Post by: Beast96GT on May 16, 2021, 07:31:21 AM
I recently dropped in the 3.1.4. Kickstart into my A4000 (JUST as 3.2 came out!!  ???).    I want to remove the hard drives and install an IDE to CompactFlash Adapter as well as this old IDE DVD-RW drive (PATA-133).   Can I just hook this thing up as "slave" to the IDE to CF Adapter on the same cable?    Or am I asking for trouble?     Would it be better to get a SCSI CD drive and use it with my accelerator's SCSI adapter?   
Title: Re: PC ATA-133 IDE DVD-RW with A4000
Post by: Pat the Cat on May 16, 2021, 02:27:21 PM
Might work, might not - I do know some internal A600 / A1200 CF adapters don't like being set as Master on an IDE chain.

I've got no data on an adapter designed to go in a case slot position, that could be good either way (set as slave or master). Also depends on what the DVD drive will or will not take (I've come across some that insisted on being set to slave for some reason).

The advantage of hooking of up scsi optical drive is you can copy data between buses, which usually speeds up transfer to the speed of the slowest device. Although it's more expensive doing things that way. However, without a very recent Kickstart or controller ROM containing a CD file system, you won't be able to boot from an optical disk. Not usually a big deal on the Amiga.