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Title: Why post in threads which are not relevant to you, just to say so?
Post by: LoadWB on December 17, 2016, 02:48:28 PM
I am curious about the propensity of forum dwellers who feel the need to post, unnecessarily, that a subject does not pertain to them, a behavior repeatedly demonstrated here and other places I frequent.  Why do this?

Plenty of threads here do not pertain to me directly but rather tangentially by way of our shared hobby.  I lack the need or desire to show that I somehow ride against the flow so I instead lurk through happy that any kind of development or discussion is occurring for our shared "dead" platform.  But too many threads get shytted up with "not me" or "why do you bother" or other contrary or negative posts follow by rebuttals and rebuttal-rebuttals, usually devolving into passive-aggressive flame battles and trolling, just riding the razor-thin edge of flame war and personal insult.

Why do this and why is it tolerated?  Does anyone remember the saying "don't feed the trolls?"