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AuthorTopic: SUBWAY USB controller announcement  (Read 1325 times)

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SUBWAY USB controller announcement
« on: November 20, 2002, 01:18:00 AM »
Garching, 19.11.2002

SUBWAY USB controller for Amiga (clockport version) available !  Click the "Read More..." link for more information.

E3B is pleased to announce the availability of the USB controller SUBWAY, which has been
presented the public at the Amiga trade show in Cologne 2001.
Unfortunately we were very busy since this trade show with the Zorro USB card HIGHWAY and
its networking module NORWAY, but nevertheless we have not forgotten the "small" module SUBWAY.
Despite the not very good situation on the Amiga Classic market we haven't stopped further

We at E3B believe that Amiga Classic should not drop of the edge of technology, even with the
long forecast new hardware platforms rising finally at the horizon.

As many Zorro card owners asked for compatibility of SUBWAY with common clockport featured
card like the Xsurf, isdn surfer or the Buddha Flash, we consequently improvemented the
SUBWAY design to fulfill these wishes. Due to the different timings and signals on these
non-Commodore clockports only one version of the SUBWAY exists now, which works with these
faster operated clock ports.
We would like to thank Jens Schönfeld for supplying us with test cards.

Therefore SUBWAY can also be used in already fully equipped Zorro systems, which have no
Zorro slot free anymore for a HIGHWAY. Also Amiga 1200 users which use PCI as bus solution,
but having no PCI slot free any more or want to spare it for high volume data applications
can use the SUBWAY as USB solution out of the box.

By introducing the world's smallest USB controller SUBWAY E3B is able to offer a complete range
of solutions for USB and ethernet. Together with the USB stack Poseidon (by Chris Hodges,
http://www.platon42.de/) and its GUI Trident (which both have been proven its feasability in every day work) it is possible
to use up to four modern USB devices from the PC market without any further additional hardware
(like hubs) directly on the Amiga 1200.

Distribution of SUBWAY will be handled by our distributor KDH Datentechnik

We at E3B would like to thank all people who have helped us to develop and improve our USB
products according to your wishes. Don't stop asking us.
Anyhow, we want to apologize for the long delay which has been made by us with the introduction
of the SUBWAY.

E3B will be present on the Aachen Amiga trade show at KDH Datentechnik.
You're invited to visit us there and test our USB controllers HIGHWAY / SUBWAY live.
We also are looking forward to meet you there for discussion.
If you are interested in an USB controller for Amiga Classic, feel free to test your
USB devices on compliance there !