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Author Topic: AROS 68k, AROS vision, can't get it work  (Read 8868 times)


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AROS 68k, AROS vision, can't get it work
« on: May 18, 2016, 11:03:42 PM »
Inspired by the X1000 blog (http://amigax1000.blogspot.nl/2016/04/aros-vision-on-amiga-4000t-part-1.html?m=1) I tried AROS vision as well, hoping it would run on my A3000. Unfortunately this was my experience:

So I though I'd give this a try on my A3000 (with CSMK2 060, CVG64). Without any luck too :(

Like I do with all Amiga partitions I prepared it in WinUAE. I extracted the RTG zip to a folder on the PC (inside WinUAE). After that it already failed when copying the files to the root of a PFS3_AIO formatted 4 GB (1 single full sized partition) CF. I get a Wrong Index Block ID error. The identifier I used is the same one mentioned here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqUiNARd-bg&list=PLtnFAdZ4Ec1BhyWFBHLqFTVEKCJN17CG0&index=14

Then I thought, let's boot from the PC AROS folder in Winuae with A3000 3.1 rom WinUAE config. After the tweaking mentioned in the blog (correct rom path & set file protection to execute), it booted, loaded the AROS ROM, rebooted and then got stuck on the AROS boot screen. Like it didn't detect the HDD (PC folder).

I am very confused about AROS version/distros as well (AROS 68k, AROS vision,...same or different?). I also have an AROS install as part of Amiga Forever, that looks really really nice (e.g. http://aros-exec.org/modules/xcgal/albums/userpics/12329/normal_001.png)! But the screenshots on the website http://www.aros-platform.de/aros_vision.htm do not, IMO, look even half as nice. But if I'm right this contains a lot more, application wise, especially the RTG version.

No idea how to continue. It would be really nice to have my A3000 boot in a more modern looking OS...

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Re: AROS 68k, AROS vision, can't get it work
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2019, 03:38:56 AM »
Replying to an old post, are you still interested in trying it?

I just got it up for first time on my A3000. I have not done much yet but plan to play around with it soon. I think you need to get a recent daily (https://dl.amigadev.com/nightly/aros) or build your own from source is the best way at this point.

I believe the reason you got stuck at the boot screen with the A3000 is that you try to boot from SCSI and AROS has no SCSI driver at the moment. You need to load a Commodore scsi.device somehow, perhaps by using a boot floppy, or build your own kickstart with a scsi.device inside it (like I managed to do a few days ago). Hopefully there will be an AROS SCSI device at some point, but for now I use a Commodore scsi.device with it.