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AuthorTopic: FA: Amiga books (Larry Story, DPaint 4, Superbase, Publich Domain, Amiga 2000) a  (Read 990 times)

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I put some new auctions on ebay:

Textomat/Beckertext Know How

Amiga DOS Handbuch

Die Larry Story

Deluxe Paint IV Handbuch

Das grosse Buch zu Superbase

Die besten Amiga Utilities

Beckertext II Schnelleinstieg

Das zweite grosse Public Domain Buch

Das dritte grosse Public Domain Buch

Das grosse Amiga 2000 Buch

Shipping is worldwide (from Germany), auctions are beginning at EUR 1,-.


ending this sunday are:

Motorola 68060 CPU

as well as a lot of other Amiga items

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ending tomorrow and I also put online:

keyboard for Amiga 500

vintage microphone from Philips in the original box

Schneider Ghettoblaster/Boombox in the original box

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ending tomorrow...