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AuthorTopic: Looking for an NTSC Amiga 500, 1084 Monitor and Basics  (Read 829 times)

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Looking for an NTSC Amiga 500, 1084 Monitor and Basics
« on: August 25, 2020, 05:56:55 PM »

Looking for:

Early regular Amiga 500 NTSC model circa 1987-1988:

- No yellowing/discoloration, marks and in clean condition.
- Capicators replaced
- Mouse (no discolration, and smooth to use)
- Whatever basic and essential software is needed to start things up. Clean and tested floppies
- Cleaned, new or strong/lasting floppy drive and/or extra floppy drive
- 8732A Agnus chip and degrader and anything else for smooth and optimal NTSC to PAL conversion
- Optional but helpful to have: 1-3 Amiga new or unused blank amiga floppies packs, Amiga Mouse pad, medium sized disk case box, action replay or cheat software, arcade style microswitch joystick (not the european c64 ones nor atari ones) and gamepad (ex. Amiga hyperpad).

Original regular 1084 monitor circa 1987-1988:

-No yellowing/discoloration, marks, screen and line issues and in clean condition
-RGB cable
-Anything done to ensure monitor is not almost dead, prone to failure or has issues.

Let me know if anyone can help. Thanks guys

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