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AuthorTopic: !Ebay: Anyone want to split/barter a box of disks? (9-18GB, SCA)  (Read 846 times)

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Offline Floid

Okay, I was about to post this in the classifieds, but somewhere with discussion makes more sense...

Basically, http://softwareandstuff.com/ has a few varieties of SCA refurbs; cheap in bulk, but no matter the capacity, I sure don't need more than 5.  (47GB 68-pin 5.25"FHs, too, should anyone care, but the shipping and 20W draw would keep me off those in bulk...  It'd be a little interesting to wedge one into my deployment here, so I'd rather not.)

Anyone want to break up a box, especially anyone near CT so shipping is a non-issue, terms to be determined once I find out if anyone cares?

Looking/willing to buy/sell/barter for:
-ATTO Express PCI SCSI HBA for Mac (standard pull from B&W and up towers, if that helps)
-Anything in the SCA adapter/enclosure/backplane/JBOD_case category.