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Amiga Hardware Issues and discussion / Re: Amiga 600 CPU
« Last post by trekiej on May 13, 2021, 06:00:10 AM »
I have my Kick-start 3.X installed and now it runs out of memory during install.
The question is, how do I manually install OS 3.1 over OS 2.1?
A chip ram up grade would be best.
That's good to know, for sure.   I've never even heard of that!   

The good news is that some compressed air and a little DeOxIt seems to have fixed it right up.    Thanks guys!

Amiga Marketplace / Re: For Sale NTSC CD32 Never used
« Last post by efrenmgp on May 13, 2021, 02:16:03 AM »
There is a workaround if you can't get the switch working properly (or whatever the fault is). Which would at least let you install onto hard drive.

Prior to running the install script, open up a shell. When you get the prompt to change disks, do so, then get the shell window to the front, and type

Diskchange DF0:

Then hit the return key. That prompts the Amiga to update and re-read the floppy contents.

It does mean flipping back and forth, clicking on the requesters and the shell window. Handy use for multitasking though.



and hit return when you are finished with the shell window.
Amiga Marketplace / Re: For Sale NTSC CD32 Never used
« Last post by Pyromania on May 12, 2021, 04:22:25 PM »
I'll take it.
Amiga Software Issues and Discussion / Re: Copymem Quick & Big Released!
« Last post by SpeedGeek on May 12, 2021, 12:57:41 PM »

CMQ&B040 2.2 released!

v2.2 minor change
- Removed "Move16 Bug" detection code. This was a blunder due to
Ax = Ay meaning the same registers rather than the same addresses.
Thanks, Matt.   I just watched a handy video that pointed out the little black posts in the front left of the drive that you're talking about.    They suggested some contact cleaner, but I'm hoping you're right and it's just something small like this.
It could be a problem with the cable or the motherboard, but I think the most likely explanation is that the drive is dirty after decades of service. If the drive is reading disks the read/write heads are probably fine, but some of the sensors could be blocked/stuck. If you feel confident enough to take the top cover of the drive off it should be easy to see where dust/dirt has built up. Pay particular attention to a series of little black posts. Give them a little scrub with a q-tip/cotton bud and isopropyl alcohol and they should free up. Be careful not to disrupt the read/write heads and thus misalign the drive.
Amiga Marketplace / For Sale NTSC CD32 Never used
« Last post by efrenmgp on May 12, 2021, 05:49:31 AM »
Hello all!

I'm selling this NTSC CD32, never used and in almost perfect condition.

I say almost because unfortunately due to bad storage, the plastic cover was broken and now the door won't stay open, so if you want to insert / change disc, you'll always need to hold it. It can probably be fixed though. Other than that, is it pretty much new. Yes, that means it still has the original caps  :-\

Please see the pictures. The box is in bad shape but the unit works fine and it includes the control. I turned it on just to make sure it works and it does, other than that, I don't use it at all.

I am asking $200 US Dollars + shipping. Shipping cost varies so please ask and I can get a quote.


Hello, when I boot my A4000 it reads/boots from a disk in the floppy drive no problem.  However, it will not detect when the disk is ejected and a new one popped it.    This is a fresh install of 3.1.4 (Thanks, Hyperion!).   Is there any thing user serviceable inside this drive I can mess with or do I just need to replace the drive?
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