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Title: Amiga Software Titles For FREE!!!!!
Post by: Glaucus on April 08, 2003, 07:52:48 PM
Hey everybody! I got some stuff I'd like to get rid off:

- Textpad Plus (1986)
- Aegis Animator & Images (1986)
- PageSetter (not sure, but probably 1986)

All three titles above include the original floppies, original manuals and boxes! In fact, even the original registration cards are included as I never bothered to register. The nostalgia value far exceeds the usefulness of the software, so if anyone wants them all you need to pay is the shipping costs.

Also, who ever takes the above off my hands I'll also throw in GFL Championship Football (1996) and Amiga User International Disk # 57 & #58 (both May 1995).

So if you want them, just let me know here or via pmail!

  - Mike