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Typhoon Mk. II
Typhoon Mk. II
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Description: This is a Power Computing Typhoon Mk. II accelerator installed in a standard A1200. The board has a 40MHz 68030 processor, FPU socket and optional SCSI (I have it enabled, but never actually used it.) I usually have an 8MB SIMM in there, but I took it out for the photo.

The RAM on this board (or not, in my case) is my major complaint. After the Mk. I got a brilliant review in Amiga Format, praised in particular for the 8MB of onboard memory, I thought it would make the best upgrade for my rather slow Amiga at that point in time. By the time I got it, of course, they'd switched the specs and I got a Mk. II without the onboard RAM. As most people know, an accelerator is near useless without fast memory, so I had to nab a SIMM out of an old Pentium box. Successive attempts to find 72 pin SIMMs larger than 8MB at computer fairs and the like failed, unfortunately, so to say I was somewhat displeased would be an understatement. To add insult to injury, the manual supplied with the board still stated that there were 8MB onboard. Cheap bar stewards!

The possibility to add a back-panel SCSI port was also removed with the Mk. II as well, making it even more of a bummer.

Still, you play the cards you are dealt. With the SIMM in place, I could play Doom (5 or 6 frames per second) mess around in Soundstudio, used Wordworth to write the bulk of my GCSE coursework... Back then, I didn't need anything else. Good times.

- that_punk_guy
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Posted by: that_punk_guy at February 12, 2004, 01:05:01 AM

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Comments (7)

January 18, 2008, 11:27:53 PM
OK, but today you could put up to 64Mb 72pin SIMM on this card easily.

 Just if you still have it. :roll:
January 06, 2007, 02:45:07 AM
I got an Apollo 2030 for my old 2000. I never got the {bleep}ing thing to work. A pity too, 'cos I bought a 32MB ram stick for it, which, at the time, was over kill. Didn't work in either of my A2000s. My friend tried it, in his, didn't work either. So, I sent it back and of course, it worked, for them. They wouldn't refund it, so I got stuck with it and sadly, lost it, in a feud with an ex-girlfriend, along with my beloved A3000 that had just replaced the 2000, which had replaced my original A500.

Man, I wish I could find an A500 from somewhere.
September 01, 2006, 01:29:02 AM
Yes, a similar story here.  I receieved a Viper 1230@42mhz board for Christmas, along with a pre-ordered copy of Breathless.  Wow, was I happy!

Around the same time, my other A1200 owning buddy purchased an Apollo 1240 and was often frustrated by the constant crashes and unimpressive speed boost.

Good times indeed!
February 12, 2004, 04:46:18 AM
Nice.... I was really spoiled.  My first A1200 came complete with a GVP GForce 030+ series 1 board.  It was a little more than I could afford at the time, but the local Commodore store gave me a good trade-in price on my entire A500 rig (500 / 1mb Chip / 4mb FAST / 105mb HD) because they already a buyer looking for one...  So...  I managed to scrape together enough money for the 1200.  

Man, was it worth it.  Everyone who saw that machine was green with envy at how my 1200 FLEW!  (You gotta remember this was only a few months after the A1200 came out...)  I took it to a gaming party, and I almost felt a bit sorry for the poor kid who brought his new A1200 with the Apollo card.  He was crashing every hour or so.  I didn't have a single glitch the whole day, and mine was faster.  ;-)  I never missed my A500.  I do miss that 1200, though.  Ah nostalgia, indeed.

February 12, 2004, 02:43:04 AM
:lol: No accidental wankerishness from you then :-D

TKG is one of my fave games on the amiga. True it had many flaws, but it also had a tense atmosphere and sudden death type play.

The AI was much hyped but you really did feel you were being hunted down at times.

Happy days indeed!
February 12, 2004, 01:34:04 AM

I very nearly put "I (that_punk_guy) decided..." in there somewhere ;-)

Hmm, never played TKG... In fact I don't think I've even seen it. Some Amigan, huh?! :-D
February 12, 2004, 01:26:32 AM
My first A1200 accelerator was an apollo 1240 @25MHz, bought way back in 1996. At the time it was just out and I got it over a Blizzard 1230 at the last minute. I had to save like hell to get the cash together - I was a totally strapped student at the time.

Luckily I did some reading and managed to ensure I got replacement libs that were 040 optimised and a patch to ensure no critical system stuff was left in chip ram (left to its own devices, this early apollo card leaves SysBase and the VBR in chip).

Prior to that, it was a bare 2Mb A1200 with a 1.28Gb drive. The speed increase blew me away!

Pity TKG was still so slow - the anticipation for that game based on the early demos was killing me!

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