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Author Topic: AMIGAKIT.COM.....RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!! HANDS DOWN.......  (Read 7858 times)


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Re: AMIGAKIT.COM.....RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!! HANDS DOWN.......
« Reply #44 from previous page: March 05, 2007, 10:40:33 PM »
I would just like to continue this thread and thank AmigaKit for being such an excellent supplier of all things Amiga.

Looking at my order history, to date I have been supplied by AmigaKit:

Boing Ball mouse mat
20MHz 68882 PLCC FPU
Official Amiga Mouse
25MHz Oscillator
Amiga Tower Floppy Drive
Total Amiga Issue 22
On the Edge (Book)
Indivision Scandoubler/Flicker Fixer
Commodore Mouse mat
A1200 built to order - OS.39 - Blizzard 060 (64MB) - 40GB HDD - Mouse
Total Amiga Issue 23
Total Amiga Issue 24
33MHz 68882 PLCC FPU
260MB 2.5" IDE HDD
2.5" 5CM IDE Cable
Total Amiga Magazine Annual Subscription
Amiga Mouse
Floppy disk Cleaning Kit
28.6363Mhz Crystal Oscillator
33MHz 68882 PLCC FPU
33.330Mhz Crystal Oscillator
Saitek Megagrip IV Joystick

Just over 800GBP worth of gear. Matthew is a gent. Orders would come through as quick as any mainstream market seller. If there is ever a problem, AmigaKit get to work on resolving things. Sometimes things can go wrong, through no fault of the seller (believe me, running godfreys online I know!) but AmigaKit always come through for you (if your request is reasonable!).

Matthew told me he used to work in Retail management, which explains why all the stock is properly labeled with bar codes etc. and your order is processed and notifications at each stage are sent via email.

I can tell you now, sometimes going that extra mile for your customers can cost you, but satisfying them when it is appropriate will ensure a great future for the retailer.

AmigaKit is a great player in the community too, attending shows and contributing to forums to offer solutions works well and I hope there is enough Amigans left to sustain this great entity.

This is one of those rare "happy" threads in the Amiga scene. Let's see more of this...
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Re: AMIGAKIT.COM.....RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!! HANDS DOWN.......
« Reply #45 on: May 14, 2007, 01:22:39 AM »
I too have had nothing but great service from Amigakit!