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Author Topic: Enhancer Software 2.2 Released  (Read 5966 times)


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Re: Enhancer Software 2.2 Released
« Reply #14 from previous page: August 31, 2022, 01:11:01 PM »
I somehow doubt the BDA would consider licensing their code to such a small outfit with such a small potential number of potemtial.
I'm sure they would grant a license, provided they're paid enough.

DRM is an issue but it would be nice to circumvent the DRM problem and allow Blu-Ray playback. I understand the video acceleration/drivers are the main work but that makes it all the more frustrating that the 'easy' bit (DRM licensing) can't be sorted out IMHO.
It's not so "easy." For starters, the Blu-Ray license will require HDCP, which needs to be added to the graphics drivers. I'm not sure if AMD has open-sourced the HDCP code yet. Back when I started the HDCP details were all locked away behind NDAs. I'm willing to bet it's more complicated than needed...

Next, Blu-Ray menus & extra features require Java. To date, no Java Amiga project has ever been completed to a usable level.

Then someone needs to write/port the Blu-Ray player code. Perhaps our avcodec libraries would need an update (e.g., so we can use HEVC).

When all that's done, then you can finally enjoy playing BluRay discs. Well, if you have a blu-ray drive.

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Re: Enhancer Software 2.2 Released
« Reply #15 on: September 01, 2022, 10:06:14 PM »

I received my Enhancer Software Release 2.2 CD today.

Thank you for all your help with this order.



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Re: Enhancer Software 2.2 Released
« Reply #16 on: September 02, 2022, 12:41:13 AM »
Thank you for confirming safe receipt.  Thanks again for your support.
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