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Title: SOLD: GE Interlogix MVC-21S PAL/NTSC 21" Monitor
Post by: sysop on February 02, 2021, 04:58:15 PM
I have several GE Interlogix 21" PAL/NTSC monitors for sale.  The GE Interlogix series is similar to the Sony PVM series.  These monitors are new in the box and have never been used, other than the one used for photos.  The GE MVC-21S supports composite and S-Video (Luma/Chroma) (Y/C) inputs and outputs.  These monitors automatically sync to a PAL or NTSC signal and offer superb picture quailty, with a good sounding speaker built in. 

The pictures show Donkey Kong Junior running on a euro PAL C64G.

Asking $60 each.  I'm located in the Chicago area in NW IN, and can sell these in person, where I don't wan't to ship them otherwise.  Please message me if interested.

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Sorry folks, response was fast in other forums.  These have been sold.