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Author Topic: New articles on Obligement  (Read 2473 times)


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New articles on Obligement
« on: September 01, 2020, 01:35:03 PM »
The following articles have been added to the website of the french Amiga magazine Obligement (http://obligement.free.fr) during the last two months:

- July/August 2020 news.
- Old articles from Joystick 7 to 9: News: FMTowns, it's a monster, Interview with David Jones, Interview with Steve Bak, Review of Pirates!, Review of Grid Runner, News: Magic Bytes in overproduction, Interview with Ian Harling, Review of Police Quest 2, Review of Lost Patrol, News: Ocean takes care of Total Recall, Report: Computer Entertainment Show 1990, Review of Loom, Review of Ranx, etc.
- Interview with Don Daglow (former Electronic Arts developper).
- Interview with Neil Thomas (author of the RetroManCave YouTube channel).
- Interview with Shinji Miyoshi (Japanese Amiga user).
- Review of NoWinED 0.83.
- Review of Urban Runner.
- Hardware: SiDI.
- Hardware: Checkmate A1500 and Checkmate A1500 Plus.
- Point of view: Problems of the Amiga 3000T.
- File: Bitmap Brothers (update).
- File: Classic Reflections - What happened to Haage & Partner?
- Tutorial: SSH connection without password with Remote Shell on MorphOS.
- Special quiz about Relec.

Rendez-vous on http://obligement.free.fr for this nice reading.
Feel free to contribute. Please contact David "Daff" Brunet for more info.
Obligement - The Amiga online magazine - http://obligement.free.fr