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AuthorTopic: FA: lot of 6 kickswitches, joystick, A500 case, software, bookware and more  (Read 204 times)

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I just put some amiga (and other) items on ebay, all beginning at EUR 1,- shipping is worldwide:

lot of six kickswitchers

joystick Spectravideo Quickshot

case Amiga 500 in bad condition

Appetizer from Gold Disk

Eureka Communicator II

Make CD

Turbo Calc

Turbo Print 4

A1200 handbook set

Personal Paint from Cloanto


and some more

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ending tomorrow and I added:

original mouse from Commodore (aka tankmouse)

handbook set for Amiga 500/2000

english user manual for Amiga 500

lot of five power cables

three chips for older CBM-computers (PET)