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AuthorTopic: Remembering old Old Amiga Games  (Read 611 times)

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Offline CherryBob

Remembering old Old Amiga Games
« on: June 01, 2004, 09:44:14 PM »
You guys probably get this a lot, but I am not sure where else I could post this. (Looking at the forums).

I have forgotten so many Amiga games and am wondering if anyone can help me remember them from the descriptions?

Ok, first game:

1, Was an isometric robot game, I seem to remember it being quite colourful, maybe with a lot of Grass (on the first level)? You controlled a robot that was quite stumpy, pretty sure you could shoot, there were ramps/hills, and you had to reach the end, or maybe kill the bad guys on the level to complete each level.

2, Next was a game I absolutely loved, and based on the fact that it was 3D, that description alone narrows the scope down quite a bit. It was a beautifully smooth 3D game with robots in an arena, I think they might have been "wedges" of some kind, you shot round balls, and you were locked inside the arena, had to take out the opponents that came in I think. When you die (I think) an ambulance bot comes along and puts out the fire on you (I think). Not even sure if it was commercial, infact I think I got it off a cover disk.

3, Finally, this game was definitely freeware, and was written in AMOS if I remember correctly. You controlled a ship on the left side of the screen (was 2 player as well as 1 player) same sort of layout as say, Gradius or any scrolling shooter. But you couldnt fire, you were inside a tunnel and the level got progressively faster and faster, and you had to move up and down to avoid hitting the walls.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you!

Offline Mikkihii

Re: Remembering old Old Amiga Games
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2004, 10:17:10 PM »
Don't know about first one, but...

One of my favourites on A500 long time ago. :)

3. Hyperdrive (?)
Can be found at Aminet.

Offline CherryBob

Re: Remembering old Old Amiga Games
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2004, 10:23:05 PM »
Thank that man!
Thank you very much.