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Author Topic: Amiga Future subscription - ONLINE - raffle  (Read 414 times)


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Amiga Future subscription - ONLINE - raffle
« on: January 21, 2023, 11:25:14 AM »
In our current issue 160 (25 years Amiga Future) we are currently holding a massive raffle with lots of great prizes
up for grabs.

However, we also want to offer everyone access to our smaller ONLINE raffle which incorporates a small survey.

You have the opportunity to win two one-year subscription to the Amiga Future which includes the magazine Readers' CD.

Everyone who replies by email to this online question will get to participate in our ONLINE raffle.
The winner will be drawn from all the entries we receive. Legal recourse is of course excluded.

The question is:

Where do you get your news from that relates to the Amiga, and which dealer(s) do you buy your Amiga product(s) from?
(Multiple entries are allowed and actually encouraged)

Please include the address/URL of the respective news webpage and the dealer you refer to.

You need to send your written reply to redaktion@amigafuture.de by 5th February 2023 with the subject title "raffle online".

Please do not include your postal address in the email, as we will notify the winner by email in due course.
Your data will not be stored here, passed on or even used for advertising.
That's why we don't even want your postal address.

The background for asking the question is to learn which news sites and dealers are visited/valued most by our Amiga users.


Andreas Magerl
APC&TCP - Home of Amiga Future
Publisher for Amiga Software, Merchandising and many more.