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AuthorTopic: Deluxe Paint V 25th Anniversary Edition "Manual" from Ami64.com is crap!  (Read 2812 times)

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Offline pwyskowski

I ordered this from Ami64.com. I wanted the whole package (CD-Rom, CD case, and manual) and paid a small fortune for such an old piece of software. The box arrived all beaten up. It was poorly packed. However, the biggest disappointment was the manual. It looked nothing like the original. In fact, it looked like someone just printed it on their home printer and it is missing a ton of pages. It goes from page 3 to page 50 and ends at 209 while the index mentions pages well above 300 or so.  >:(

I'd also like to mention that there isn't any graphics/screenshots like the original manual had. This piece of crap looks like someone scanned the original manual to PDF/OCR and then copy/pasted the text to a Word document.

"Unboxing Video"


Offline Steady

Yeah. That definitely looks like crap. Thanks for sharing so others can avoid the same mistake.

Offline pwyskowski

I was wondering if anyone out there has the original DPaint V manual.  I know it's super rare but I'm just curious how many pages it is supposed to have since the piece of crap I recieved ends at 209.

I remember it being pretty thick like the DPaint IV manual and it having screenshots as well.

Also, if anyone does have it, would you please post a few pictures of it for reference?  Thank you. :)

UPDATE: After emailing the company, they are refunding me the cost of the manual and the shipping for it.  I'm glad they did the right thing but I still would not recommend buying that manual from them as it is completely misrepresented on what it actually is (An OCR scan of the original pasted into Microsoft Word and printed).  I'm also wondering if the "New Old Stock" CD of DPaintV is really that or a pirated CD-R.
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Offline TribbleSmasher

The retail version of DPaint V had a ring binder:
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Offline BozzerBigD

Yes, it came in a ringbinder, mine has a black and white cover however as did the DPIV one.
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Offline BozzerBigD


... yeah, like this one!

"Art challenges technology. Technology inspires the art."

John Lasseter, Co-Founder of Pixar Animation Studios

Offline Ral-Clan

It would be great if someone with an original copy of the DPaint V manual would scan it to a pdf. The current PDFs floating around on the internet only go up to DPaint IV.
There was a bad, text-only version of the DPaint V manual on the internet a while ago, but it's almost impossible to find now. I wouldn't be surprised if the ebay seller the original poster is referring to printed their version from that version.
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Offline jojo073

Years ago nobody wanted the deluxe paint, they gave me many of the editions that you see in my photo, but for a few years now it has become a cult program and few use it, the prices of its editions are prohivative.
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Offline pwyskowski

The reason I had gotten interested in it again was nostalgia and longing for better times.

Unfortunately, this experience has somewhat soured my feelings about DPaint V.  It also doesn't help that it runs like crap under emulation. 
The version on the CD I bought from Ami64.com is 5.0 and I thought that might have been part of the problem. I came across some ADF files online that had version 5.3 and tried those but it didn't seem to help.  :-[

Offline jojo073


Version 5.2 works well for me, both emulated and in an A1200, in the 500 and 600 it goes a bit slow, but I put a 030 accelerator on the 600 and it moves very well.
I have drawn even emulating with android on a tablet and the program always worked well ...
there is even a websion with the built-in emulator used by some ...


Offline pwyskowski

Maybe I need to tweak something with my emulation setup (using Amiga Forever).

Certain functions don't seem to work such as using media (Chalk, Felt tip pen, etc.) as they refuse to load.

I also get random crashing/freezing from time to time.

Back when I had an A1200 with a Blizzard 1230-IV, it ran just fine (though a little slower than DPaint IV).

Offline Ral-Clan

Try booting with WBstartup addons disabled. Basically boot with Picasso RTG software disabled and I think you'll find corrupt things like the newer airbrush tool and palette might work better.
You do this by holding both mouse buttons down upon boot.

Fixes some glitches in Brilliance too on an RTG system.
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Offline David Wright

I would love to find the original dpaint and sleeve packaging. My first program I got with A1000 purchase in 86. I do have a nice set of dpaint 4 though.

Offline jojo073

on this website they integrated the program with the emulator already configured, if you use windows you can run it without problems.


Offline Ral-Clan

Does that download site have a scanned version of the DPaint V manual?
Music I've made using Amigas and other retro-instruments: http://theovoids.bandcamp.com