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AuthorTopic: MorphOS 2.4 for Mac Mini Released  (Read 28493 times)

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Re: MorphOS 2.4 for Mac Mini Released
« Reply #75 on: October 23, 2009, 01:00:04 PM »
Quote from: kickstart;526643
For those to claim MorphOS in other mac like macbook and emac.


I dont understand german but in the pics we can see an emac running 2.4 and a macmini with MorphOS 2.4 (and without the apple logo, cool!).

The eMac is running a development-version of MorphOS (aka 3.0), you won't have any luck with the public version on anthing but the mini.

Bout the logo, well I had to make sure I don't accidently carry the wrong Mini to an Amiga-event (that would be the CoreDuo one). That, and that I was extremly bored ;)
1. Make an announcment.
2. Wait a while.
3. Check if it can actually be done.
4. Wait for someone else to do it.
5. Start working on it while giving out hillarious progress-reports.
6. Deny that you have ever announced it
7. Blame someone else