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Author Topic: Tubexx no worky, neither does OWB & MPlayer external viewer  (Read 4533 times)


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Tubexx no worky, neither does OWB & MPlayer external viewer
« on: March 28, 2011, 05:19:05 AM »
Downloaded and installed Install Pack for MorphOS 2.7. Really, really slick install. Most everything works and looks great. BUT... of course, I'm *still* finding myself hunting and pecking for files that should already be included that are required for some of these programs to work!

Ran upstairs to my A3000 and found Arexxsys.lib and a couple of other Arexx files needed that are NOT mentioned anywhere in the docs and installed them to MOSYS/blah, blah, blah.

Download the other external classes needed and put them where they're supposed to go as well.

Tubexx GUI now finally boots, but when I try to play a video, I get a "warning: preferred video format not available" error. "URL not validated", "procedure cancelled" even though it loaded a string of vids in the preview pane and "validated" them just fine. No matter what video format I select, still nothing. And yes, all the crap in the Tubexx 'tools' is pointing to their proper places.

I also can't get OWB to play a friggin' youtube-lite video and I've configured the MIME prefs to point at Mplayer, etc. to no avail. I set everything up as per a conversation others had on Morphzone. Simply does not work on my system. OWB version is 1.11.

Oh and 99% of the RS channels do not work in MPlayer. Tries to load and then says idle. WTF? Figure all these symptoms might be related?
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Re: Tubexx no worky, neither does OWB & MPlayer external viewer
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2011, 06:23:32 AM »
I know what you need. You need to go to the coffee house and look at the funny pics. Doing this will definitely help.


As for the Morphos situation - sorry no idea. Hope this helps :)
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Re: Tubexx no worky, neither does OWB & MPlayer external viewer
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2011, 07:16:10 AM »
Hmm youtube works without tubexx or mplayer. Here's a quote from the OWB readme:

Code: [Select]

Youtube special notes

  There are a few things to know about Youtube, since it tends to change
  (or rather break) quite often.

  Youtube introduced a new way to play media without using Flash: HTML5 video.
  This service isn't enabled by default nor autodetected, so it has to be
  enabled by going to http://www.youtube.com/html5 and clicking the subscription
  link (no account needed, only a cookie will be set).

  There are a few more important elements to consider:
  - Youtube broke the fullscreen mode that worked just nicely before, so a script is needed
    to workaround this. This is done by going to Windows->Scripts and adding the
    "Scripts/youtube_fullcreen_fix.js" userscript. This fullscreen mode is particularly
    important, since OWB uses overlay output in this mode, which makes it about 3 times
    faster, synchronized on VBL, and smoother as well, compared to windowed mode.

  - Not all Youtube links are available as HTML5 yet. Fortunately, there's a way
    to "convert" the remaining Flash-only links to HTML5 by adding the "Script/Youtube.js"
    script in Windows->Scripts. When this script is enabled, the Flash element on Youtube
    is removed, the video direct URLs are retrieved, and a HTML5 <video> tag is added,
    playing the video file, without Flash. Direct links to the video are also displayed
    below the video. Please note that if the Flash plugin is not installed, a &quot;Get Flash&quot;
    message will be shown over the video, and will also prevent the video from being started
    automatically, which means one of the links below the video will have to be clicked to
    play the video. Also note that format &quot;18&quot; (mp4) is the most efficient one, since FLV
    ones can have some speed and synchronisation issue when seeking.

  - Since Youtube can break stuff anytime, be sure to check for updated userscripts in
http://fabportnawak.free.fr/owb/scripts/ if something broke.

Also, if you wish you can download the flash plugin for OWB here:

Personally I prefer using HTML5 instead. It's much smoother that way.

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Re: Tubexx no worky, neither does OWB & MPlayer external viewer
« Reply #3 on: March 28, 2011, 03:32:22 PM »
Thanks so much for coming to the rescue Piru!

Sure enough, I didn't think to read the readme in OWB as I thought OWB simply didn't support the YouTube mainpage based on what I've read from users. Others were talking about configuring this and that and then going to youtube-lite.com, but that didn't work for me either. I've bookmarked that HTML5 URL from the readme you copied and starting from there, every link I tried now work like a charm!

:rtfm:    Another case of reading up, which I thought I was doing, but obviously was reading the wrong info. I will sign up at Morphzone one of these days and pay more attention to what's going on there as I get more use out of this MacMini. So far, am really enjoying using this little system. I just need a better understanding of how/why some of this other stuff isn't workin, such as the Tubexx program, but that's not a terribly big deal now that OWB's HTML5 is working.

Thanks again Piru, I appreciate you hanging out here and helping some of us that need to be reminded to read the F'in manual.  :lol:
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