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CD32/SX-1 & Goliath
CD32/SX-1 & Goliath
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Description: It's been in a cupboard for 11 years but I've plans to get it back into use.
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Posted by: Scottish_Chris at March 28, 2011, 04:14:50 PM

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March 30, 2011, 02:43:02 PM
First thing is to glue the nameplate back on and yes, an 4Gb CF does sound good. :)
March 29, 2011, 11:10:58 AM
Awesome, what are your plans for her? I hope you have 8MB RAM, and maybe an IDE-CF adapter and a silent, fast 8-16GB Compact Flash card instead of a hard drive.

Have you ever tried DOOM on it? I played it on my CD32 with a SX32 with 8MB RAM and it runs smoother than it does on my A1200 with 8MB, thanks to the Akiko chip in the CD32. I ran some benchmark tests to compare them:

Amiga A1200 68020/14Mhz 8Mb (Optimised 020 C2P) - 18971 realtics (3.9 FPS)
Amiga CD32 68020/14Mhz 8Mb (Optimised Akiko C2P) - 12872 realtics (5.8 FPS)

You can have a pretty nice Workbench setup with that system too, and even connect to the internet with a null-modem cable connected to a PC. It's about as fast as dialup, which is about all the old 020 can handle, speed-wise anyway. So you can use it to chat on IRC, MSN, play online MUD games, browse the web and post on the forums, E-Mail, FTP and more. And of course you can have thousands of games installed with WHDLoad, all selectable from a graphical menu with screenshots, which you can easily set up to boot straight into instead of Workbench by holding down a button on the control pad or mouse.

Sorry, can you tell the CD32 is my favourite Amiga? She was my very first console and my introduction to the world of Amiga, and I used her as my main computer for many years, but now my main system is an A1200 with a 030, though I still love my CD32 the most. :)

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